Want to turn your e-commerce into social-commerce?  

With our plug-in on your platform, every visitor becomes a potential promotor/broadcaster with the most accessible, interactive and shoppable live streaming tool ever made.



In a matter of minutes you're able to set up and embed your branded live streaming plug-in. You choose how your customers activate the service. Is it a floating button, from the menu or a password protected page? It's up to you.

The shopping event is initiated from your platform but can be shared on any social media. It can be hosted by your team internally, by selected influencers or highly engaged customers


— The one who wants to host a live show, “Host”, simply taps a button on your platform, and then shares the link on social media.

— The one’s who wants to view the the show, “Viewer”, simply taps on a link.



We got the full package; screen share, video, audio, text and even pen tool to play around with.

— The Host, can easily swop between screen share, camera and mic stream, doodle and chat. All features work both individually and collectively.


— The Viewers can communicate via text messages, burst hearts and like products.



— The Host can add products before and during the show, push display individual products and track engagement data in real time.

— The Viewers are smoothly served products on-top of stream or from the list. In addition they can like/vote and see the engagement on each product. Of course they’re also able to quickly forward and share product links while continue watching the show. 

If you want to know more, partner up or perhaps have a custom product? – Peter would love to have a chat with you.  peter@togee.com